Day Office

Time-lapse of a long day

An Artistic Musharabya


For Al Ansari villa project we had needed to create a filter between two areas having at same time an important role, a kind of masterpiece located into the man’s majilis.

Efesto For Mn

Project for the main door

Yugen Restaurant

Interior design project

The restaurant is located along a front porch walking area in a new area of Doha called Musheireb.

Efesto For A

Project for the main door

For Al Ansari villa project we have designed a door using the same geometric matrix of the artistic musharabya located inside. The door is metallic, finished by metal oxidation through a chemical treatment.

Villa Ww

Architectural project

The villa has been designed to be totally open to the sea and at same time to protect itself from the sun rays. From the beach, it appears like a glass box inserted into a frame.


Project for the armchair

For Al Ansari villa project we tought to creat e proper armchair for a majilis. In fact all the armchairs used in the majilis are in line but this is an adaptation because by their nature these armchairs have needed their own independence.

Villa N

Interior design project

This space has been separated in 2 different units for 2 families. The interiors are rigours, modern classic, with a strong spatial impact.

Villa R

Interior design project

The building was designed by 2 wings: the shape appears as a game of blocks around a central courtyard. The interiors design respecting the original structure of the building, dividing the ground floor area in 2 sections, one for the majilis and the another for the family. An open entrance/ lobby, connects these 2 parts of the house.