In the Lualdi showroom for a special event

DjArch Milano

On Wednesday night 18th September 2019, a party was held in a Lualdi Porte showroom in Milan. The event was called "DjArch".

Team on holiday

Around the world

Our team, during the summer holidays, visited famous and hidden places in Italy and in the world such as the Brooklyn Bridge and a new building called "The Vessel" in New York.

Presentation of new wallpapers

A CMO Paris supplier in our studio

On Friday 26th July 2019, a CMO Paris supplier came to our studio to present us new wallpaper collections that we will need for future projects.

In the Porcelanosa showroom

Private event

On Wednesday 17th July 2019, we were invited to a private aperitif in the Porcelanosa Grupo showroom.

In the Sicis laboratory


Some shots taken in the laboratory of Sicis mosaic in Ravenna, Italy.

Presentation of a new lighting system

The supplier of Targetti Lighting

On Wednesday 4th July 2019, a supplier of Targetti Lighting came to our office to introduce us a new light system called "OZ" with magnetic attraction.

Choosing the outdoor structure for a pool

The supplier of Corradi

On Thursday 2nd July 2019, the Corradi supplier came to our studio to show us an outdoor structure for a pool.

Starting the project for a new villa

Architectural sketches

On Monday 17th June 2019, the team TRH started working on the design of a new villa in Doha in Qatar.

In the Cesar Kitchens showroom

Private event

On Wednesday 12th June 2019, we were invited to a private event held in the Cesar Kitchens showroom.

Choosing the material for a chair

The suppliers of Leal Pell

On Thursday 6th June 2019, a Leal Pell suppliers came to our studio in Milan to choose and define the materials to coat a chair.